Inclusion is the Mother of Equality

Another International Women’s Day with celebrations all around is over. Back to reality for women of all ages struggling through life and career, many carrying the brunt of the burdens imposed upon our daily life by the pandemic.

In private as well as in professional life, we continue to be challenged by unconscious or conscious bias, and the pressure of perfection in appearance as well as achievement.

Just like every year, this March 8 saw companies post supportive videos, well-meaning colleagues sending red roses or chocolates, and the media featuring women high achievers, often labelled as “first female (insert title)”.

But this does not change anything. Tomorrow everything is back to normal.

Instead, let us focus on eliminating the obstacles and addressing the preconceptions that are the reason why things are as bad as they are.

Inclusion means seamlessly making room for everybody

By removing the systemic barriers, we can create true inclusion: Accommodating everyone on their own terms, be it gender, ethnicity or other challenges such as those faced by women in the workplace today.

Just think about it, okay?

(This image is sourced from a tweet by Nige Wilson )

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